True love is magically delicious! This year was mine and Matt’s first married valentine’s day together (last year he was in Nicaragua – oh plus!! The year before I was in Brazil. We’re so international!). You may imagine that we dreamed up exceedingly romantic plans, but you would be wrong. We’re going out for dinner on Thursday (when we won’t need to rush, and won’t need to worry about getting a reservation). Last night we put away laundry, grocery shopped, and read to relax. Of course, you should never shop for groceries hungry, and neither of us felt like cooking, so we had Lucky Charms for dinner before heading out 🙂

Neither of us grew up with Lucky Charms for breakfast… so we felt like trail blazers, not only for having BOUGHT sugary cereal, but eating it for Dinner! Matt had seconds…. unbelievable, I know. We agreed that if our children have emotional baggage associated with breakfast cereal, we will consider our parenting a success, and I am sure that Lucky Charms will have a role to play. Marshmallow management, for example, lays the foundation for a myriad of life skills… If you eat all the lucky charms first, you will be stuck with a boring bowl of cereal; but if you save ALL the marshmallows to the end you not only suffer needlessly through the first part of your breakfast, but then you have marshmallow overkill and it feels kind of crazy to chew. Surely it is better to enjoy the marshmallows as they are naturally distributed throughout the cereal, making sure there are some left for those critical final bites, but not being a hoarder.

Life lessons, people, life lessons!
Happy Valentine’s Day, and, you’re welcome.

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Susan 17-02-2011, 12:32

lol … You two are clearly the best! I love you both 🙂


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