Mother’s Day Hike

Okay, so this hike was just Matt and I with our dog after my parents had headed out to visit family and friends this week, so it was a Mother’s Day hike only because of the date, not the people! It was a much more adventurous hike than either of us expected, but it was very fun and a refreshing time together.We drove down to Scarborough Bluffs and walked a gravel trail that ended at the beach. Or so we thought. But then we decided to make our own trail through the woods following a tiny stream of water. We ended up climbing through a whole bunch of muck and dried up stream beds up almost the entire cliff and enjoyed the view from up top. Nimoy as usual, just loved life and was scrabbling around like a scruffy mountain goat.Once we got up as high as we could, it was so funny because we could hear people talking on the path way down below! Also, we freaked out some people hiking up at the top of the ridge, because I think they thought we climbed down (which is impossible lol, look at how steep the cliff is! We climbed up to the bottom part of that steep cliff).

My pants are muddy, and our shoes are all muddy, and we both almost fell pretty epicly, me down the side of the cliff (I basically skied down it on my shoes), and Matt in a marshy river bed. What a great adventure 🙂

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