Flying and First Night in Nicaragua

on the plane in Toronto

Cheerily waiting for our plane to be de-iced, little knowing what an adventure awaits us!

I am so glad our¬†family was able to travel together. We flew through Panama and Costa Rica and arrived in Nicaragua after dark. We didn’t take any pictures when we got in, but here’s a few from the flight.

possibly Barbados

This is possibly Barbados

islands in the Caribbean

More islands in the Caribbean

Getting to the hotel was a bit stressful and chaotic, including a¬†teenage boy “selling flowers,” putting folded palm fronds in our hands then demanding money. We gave back the flowers and escaped into the well-marked Best Western shuttle, hoping it was legit and not an elaborate fraud to kidnap us instead of whisk us just across the street. (Good news – it was in fact a 47 second trip to the hotel!)

We met a nice family from Spain who have a 3-year-old daughter Torre adores. They have gotten into so much mischief… running all around despite puddles on the tiled floors and random steps etc. (the landscaping at the hotel is beautiful), throwing rocks in the pool (to kill iguanas, according to Liber, this little girl), and laying prone at the edge of the pool to splash in the water. Paula is the mom, she was born in Nica and their family is here to visit up north where she is from. She doesn’t speak much English, but she is friendly, and I understand the gist of what she says in Spanish. Ignathiel, her husband, speaks a bit of English, so we both do our best in each other’s language, and it has been really nice to connect with someone here.

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Susan Holmes 11-12-2014, 23:21

Oh ny … a little bit envious. lol We used to do mission trips in the Eastern Caribbean.
Praying for tremendous favour as you bless those around you and in turn are blessed yourself. Ministering this way is when we truly experience God’s presence.

alyssa 11-12-2014, 23:58

Thanks for your prayers, Susan!


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