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Just Doing It

It has been a month filled with slacking off! Today I was reminded though that all it takes to stop slacking, is… to stop. I read my Bible for the first time in weeks – didn’t get much out of it, but I did it, and I’m happy I did. I read 1 and 2 Thessalonians, to be exact, and what struck me was that of all Paul’s instructions he kept emphasizing for them to keep loving each other. No matter what other improvements or warnings he had to offer, he kept reinforcing that their love was foundational and excellent and praiseworthy and worth keeping.

Then I did common prayer, which I always find to be such a helpful structure for spending time with God. Again, it wasn’t phenomenal, but it was good. If you haven’t prayed yet today, consider clicking over the link and just spending ten minutes reading through whatever is posted for today. I’ll be on my own for a couple weeks while my homies are on a mission trip, which also means Nimoy will probably be on the lonely side, so my plan is to wake up at 5, give him a good walk to start the day, and do common prayer. Also, eat breakfast lol, so that Neems will have time to wander around and have a snack/drink before I lock him up for the day.

After prayer, I returned to slacking, rereading a great book and trying to ignore the errands I should do at the mall. So THEN I ran errands at the mall and made dinner. I’m home alone tonight, which is usually a recipe for snack supper, but I stopped at the grocery store so I have easy groceries to make a decent meal – hello chicken fingers, pita and hummous! I even made a salad to get some vegetables in my system.

Why this rundown on basically my whole afternoon? Because I haven’t been able to bring myself to do any of these things for several days; I’ve been coasting on naps and snacks and hot weather, which is fine, but today I’d had enough. If you feel a little bit stuck, I encourage you to figure out what it is that needs doing for you to feel better, and just… try it. Worst case scenario, you will take something off the to-do list in your mind (I’m not the only one who has that, right?), and maybe you will even give yourself a little bit of momentum 🙂

P.S. Yes, this blog post is also an example of just doing something I keep putting off. Which is how I came to see that I had to approve comments from… three weeks ago. Sorry Mir! I will chat with Esther about my settings <3

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Summer Solstice

Summer solstice always makes me a bit sad inside, to think that the daylight is going to decrease when it still feels like the whole summer is still waiting to happen! Yesterday and today have been baking hot in Toronto – walking to a bank machine after work today I felt like the soles of my shoes were melting with every step I took on the sidewalk. Yesterday evening after it cooled down to maybe 28 or 30 degrees (from 41 with humidity), I enjoyed sitting out on the balcony with a warm breeze blowing and heat still radiating up from the concrete into my feet. And, now that it might be too little too late, I think I’ll give Nimoy a haircut. We are hoping for a big thunder storm tonight to clear the atmosphere and help reset the temperatures back to just hot, not baking humidity. The heat has made me feel like a great wife though, because I can empathize with Matt who is nearing the end of a two week trip to the Middle East. He has been having a great time from what I hear, and he thinks that us not having air conditioning in our apartment has given him an edge over the other Canadians when it comes to adapting to the very humid climate there. I am very excited for him to come home so I can hear more of his stories and impressions and ideas!

As for this passing solstice, I will try to focus not on having peaked, but on passing a milestone and still anticipating all the great things this summer and beyond have to offer 🙂

Life Skills

It seems like life has been really full of great, non-blogging-related activities lately.One such activity was teaching Esther and Josh HOW easy it is to debone chicken breast. I first learned for myself from this site but have since discovered that it is even easier and more efficient to pry the meat off the breastbone with my thumb instead of cutting it with a knife. Suffice it to say that this method of deboning is down and dirty, but so gratifying, and now we have a lovely pot of chicken broth simmering on the stove, and a fridge full of boneless skinless chicken that we got for CHEAP 🙂

1000 Days

I wrote this post Friday but couldn’t post it due to server problems, and then I was busy all weekend. So technically, I should change the title to 1003 days! Anyways, here it is 🙂

I’m wearing my wedding shoes today.

When I bought them three Summers ago, my criteria were that they be white, not too tall, and comfortable enough to last the day without needing to hobble around. Success! I also thought, when I bought this pair, that they’d be cute with jeans or a skirt (or a jean skirt, as I’m wearing today…), and that it would be great to own white kitten heels.

And then I never wore them again.

Of course, I hoarded them through moving two years ago, and they survived the great purge of March, but I kept them (and a number of other pairs) on probation. They (and the others) live in a box in our coat closet, and if I don’t wear them (and love them) this Summer, they’ll be donated in the Fall.

I love shoes, and I love a bargain, and this has led me to accumulate so many pairs of shoes (mostly from Payless) that are pretty, but not necessarily comfortable or practical. I am tall enough that I can say I don’t wear heels because then I’d be glamazon, but the truth is that I’m mostly too wimpy to ever break in tall shoes. Also, I’m cheap, and cheap shoes are less forgiving I think.

But these shoes are not just a BOGO bargain hangover that inspire blisters and days of limping around in flip flops to recover; they are the shoes that pinched my feet as I took such happy steps toward more-than-I-knew-at-the-time. I walked through a church, posed on stone steps and danced downtown. For practical as well as sentimental reasons, these shoes are worth breaking in (just… like… marriage? No, not going there lol).

But this post was not supposed to be all about shoes – this post was also to say a great big thank you to my husband for sticking around 1000 days! I’m not sure if it feels like longer than that or shorter, but it’s a milestone, and I’m grateful for it. From emotional breakdowns to figuring out money to killin’ cockroaches to keeping our dog alive, we make a good team, and I’m so very glad I get to do my life with you!

Mother’s Day 2012

I was really impressed with how my church handled Mother’s Day this year – it’s easy for the women in a congregation to be divided into mothers and non-mothers, but this can be really hurtful to women who may be struggling with infertility or who have lost pregnancies, those who deeply desire to be mothers but aren’t yet, and those who are mothers unbeknownst to others and therefore go uncelebrated. It can also be awkward as a woman of child-bearing age if the ushers aren’t sure whether they should offer you a flower (or whatever the token is) or not. And if there is pain under the surface, this confusion can bring it right out in the open.
The flip side of this recognition of mothers only, is the celebrate-all-women approach, which focuses on the mothering influence that many women have and the fact that emotional and spiritual nurturing are just as valuable as breastfeeding and diaper changing and homework nagging (I mean helping…), which is true! No woman is left out or left behind, which is nice, but I always feel a bit awkward being included in whatever gesture is made because being a mom is a big deal, and I haven’t done anything to be celebrated as one.
Today I experienced a beautiful middle ground: flowers for all the women, to celebrate the mothers, the priest explained, “and if you aren’t a mother, you had a mother, so take a flower in her honour.”

I realize that if Mother’s Day is a difficult holiday, there is no perfect phrase or gift or gesture that will make the pain go away, but I was touched by the simplicity and sincerity of this approach. I don’t feel weird about having taken a flower even though I am not a mother, and as this day passes with my own mom thousands of miles away, I can enjoy this sweet reminder of the beauty and love she has allowed me to take for granted in this life.

I love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day 🙂