Would a Clear Coat Reflect Christ Better, Starbucks lady??

Matt had a hilarious encounter with a Christian woman at Starbucks the other day who told him that he should get a better car… because our current car makes Christians look bad!

I say hilarious because Matt thinks it’s hilarious. I think this woman needs a Bible-smack to the jaw – I wonder how she thinks THAT would make Christians look, lol.

As you may or may not be able to see, our car’s clear coat is missing in some places on the hood and roof, so our paint job is… uneven. And we have a couple dents here and there… most if not all of which came with the car. I think it’s great because there is very little that could make our car look worse, so there’s no pressure to keep it perfect – we can just enjoy it.

Not so, according to Starbucks-Christian-lady: our car makes it look like we don’t take care of our things. Matt explained that we bought it as is a couple months ago. We should have bought a nicer car, she said, people might think we don’t manage our money well if all we can afford is this beater. This is all we can afford, Matt said, because we don’t make tons of money and have a bunch of debt from going to a private, Christian school. Apparently she wasn’t sold.

I could care less… Matt and I are really happy with our car (and life in general, actually!), so it doesn’t matter that this lady who doesn’t know us was concerned. The only thing that bothers me is this attitude that Christians need to somehow be better than everybody to prove that our belief in God is valid. It’s not Biblical, and it tends to just make Christians look like douche bags.

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Jim Holmes 01-05-2013, 23:39

A big ‘thumbs-up’. 🙂


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