Winter Persists

I’ve been in more of a reading phase than a writing phase for the last little while, soaking in books like sunshine. This feels like the Winter that won’t let go, although I just came across an email I sent to a friend last May which referenced that Spring was just arriving. Is it possible that all my memories of sunshine in March and warmth in April are just wishful hallucinations?

Sure enough, before I even finished this post, we had more snow fall. But that is not the point 🙂 I am looking forward to sharing some more book reviews in the next while, a fabulous recipe and hopefully at least one reflection on my experience of Lent this year. I have been thinking a lot this week about how self-care spirals out to positively affect so many aspects of our lives, but it is so tempting to neglect when we are under pressure because it seems negotiable.  There may or may not be a post on this topic brewing in the back of my mind.

Where does self-care fit in your list of priorities? What does it entail for you?

If you’d leave a comment, it would actually make my day 😛

If you simply can’t, I hope you take the time to do something that makes you feel great!

And of course, you’re welcome to do both.

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Susan 29-03-2014, 12:18

For me, self-care is important but it’s not at the top. That means that finding the balance in the midst of life happening is sometimes tricky. My biggest self-care item is spending time in God’s word and in prayer EVERY DAY! (The caps are for me – lol! It’s crucial for my mental and emotional well-being.) Exercise is important in my mind, but the execution is pretty sporadic. Keeping clutter, mess, and disorganization at a dull roar in my home is also important for my self-care. When that gets out of hand, I spiral pretty quickly into a frustrated, dark place. Probably related, is noticing and being proactive in bringing beauty around me – gardening, music, time with family & friends. With all that said, I’m off to get my desk cleared off – lol!

alyssa 01-04-2014, 20:08

It’s interesting to me because I find when I make a point of doing one thing (say exercise) I tend to find the time to do something else as well (reading my Bible or clearing off a cluttered table or cooking a great meal vs something mediocre from a box). It’s very motivating! And the opposite is true as well… when I’m not making time for self-care sometimes I can’t even squeeze in a shower or brush my teeth 😐


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