Will Pt. 1

At my church we pray the Lord’s prayer every week, so I have probably said it more in the last year than the previous 10. I don’t feel extra spiritual about it or anything – sometimes I catch myself zoning out part way through despite my best intentions – but saying it regularly gives me time to think about it regularly, and different parts of the prayer stand out different times. Sometimes at the very end of a kickboxing class we have to hold a plank (basically just chill in the push-up position) for 30 or 45 seconds, and more often than not I mutter the Lord’s prayer or some Scripture passage I’ve memorized, and that tends to be enough of a distraction that I don’t give up. Those aren’t usually very spiritual moments either lol, mostly they are painful and sweaty, BUT again, different things stand out in my mind and I like to notice that.

This week in church the line that stuck out was “thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” These are my thoughts:
  • it is right to submit our wills to God
  • things happen on Earth that are not God’s will
  • things also happen that are not our will
  • sometimes God’s will is not our will
  • sometimes nobody’s will is done – life on Earth is imperfect
  • it takes faith to believe that ultimately God’s will is/will be done (“is/will be” representing how difficult it is to talk about God without limiting him to time, which only exists in the universe and doesn’t hold any sway over him)
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