We are Cultural!

Matt and I made our own sushi last night. With REAL RAW FISH. Neither of us was sick, although we both felt like our brains were getting punched from inside our heads when we added wasabi. I don’t know what happens to the wasabi that you get from sushi places in the food court – maybe it dries out or is not as strong because Canadians are wimps – but I literally screamed with surprise and pain when our legit, Chinese-grocery-store-wasabi-from-a-tube kicked in behind my nose and under my brain. The good thing is that just shortly after the wasabi spice has incinerated your will to live, the pain simply ends, unlike hot sauce or peppers, which leave you to suffer for hours until you overdose on milk, choke on bread, or simply drown in your own tears and mucous. Long story short: sushi was a huge success and we’re gonna do it again!

This pose is all I remember from our Japanese students in Grade 7. This and something like “oh-ha,” very cute.

THIS was a completely unexpected moment of culture, waiting for our friend Joyce outside her building. This is not Joyce. This is an Asian woman in pink leggings and a cape, about a week too early for Halloween. It is difficult to capture how funny she was with this paparazzi-style shot from my cell phone inside the car, but we all laughed. Respectfully 😉
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Susan 27-10-2010, 11:16

lol… really, you think food court wasabi is toned down???

Alyssa 12-11-2010, 17:42

If you had been wasabi-punched in the brain like we were, you would have no choice but to agree!


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