When Time Flies By

My baby is about to be two. I have to keep saying it because even though it’s there every day in front of my face, it also catches me off guard in particular moments and I am just stunned with the gift of his life. Did you know he’s started counting? Sometimes to three, sometimes seven, sometimes twelve. And he holds my hand just for the love of it now, not always because he needs help to balance.

We are having a party for him, and it will be low key – just an open invitation to friends of ours and friends of his to join us at our church building for some fun and food, because really, all he ever wants is to play in the gym at the church.

I googled party games for toddlers and got a few cute ideas, but I haven’t yet morphed into that momย and the likelihood of execution on these cute ideas is fairly slim. I googled though, which is like the first step to progress, right? I’m certainly not on Pinterest.ย And I have a lovely sense of self-acceptance over however this party turns out because at the core of it, our boy is so lovely and accepting, and I have decided to submit myself only to his expectations for this birthday party instead of my own. Which is to say that we will play and laugh and sometimes say the opposite of what is true (“this cracker is HEAVY”) and laugh more.
I hope that when the leftovers have been wrapped up, and the crayons collected back into their carry-bin, and my two-year-old’s limbs are sprawled in an unapologetic nap, my heart will be bursting with the love and pride that come with celebrating life (as opposed to the stress that comes with falling short and burning out, which I would probably do after baking a cake and assembling two grab bags. Matt’s going to handle our catering ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Only two years in, I know I don’t have enough time with him to spend even one hour beating myself up for the things I lack as a parent or as a party planner. Does it happen? Of course it happens. But I don’t have time to beat myself up for those hours either.
Today as snow falls outside, like it did two years ago when I was in easygoing early labour, I am so, so thankful for these two years, and I’m full of gratitude for the loved ones who have shared them with us ๐Ÿ™‚
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Ericka 29-04-2015, 19:12

I just saw this post today, and Torre should now be 2. What, 2 years old already? I can’t believe it. I, too, am celebrating the 5th year anniversary of my 5 year old cat, Salem. She is just as playful and active as she was when she was adopted at 7 months. I’ve never been a mother of a human, but my child, my cat, is the best and sweetest cat I’ve ever known. Thank God Torre made it so far to 2. So he counts now? What were his first words that you heard him say? I was wondering where did you get this name Torre? I think I looked it up in a baby book of names but didn’t find it. And if I did ask you already, sorry for asking again.

alyssa 30-04-2015, 10:42

Yup, unbelievably he is already 2! His early words were mama, daddy and doggy, but now he tries to repeat almost every single word we ever say. He is named after a friend, including the spelling, and it is an uncommon spelling, but the meaning and pronunciation are the same as the traditional name Tory (meaning Victory). Happy anniversary/birthday to Salem! ๐Ÿ™‚


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