Three Things Thursday [Vol.6]

This week I would like to share 3 awkward moments I have experienced on the TTC:

  1. Wondering if the person across from you is INSANE or just speaking a foreign language with a covert bluetooth. Especially when they are staring you in the face and speaking so intensely!
  2. Hoping you fit in the empty seat between two big people and failing to actually hit the seat. THEN needing to squeeze loose and find another seat. Sigh. Fortunately, this just happened for the first time last week; usually I’m a pretty good judge of hip-width.
  3. People who fight/break up over the phone on the bus. I remember one time an entire bus fell silent as a guy broke down into tears and yelled at his girlfriend for cheating on him even more than she had already admitted. Less embarrassing but still ridiculous was a woman who was fighting with her boyfriend and kept hanging up on him only to immediately call back and continue the fight.
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Susan 15-03-2012, 15:47

Wow, don't I miss the TTC! I laughed out loud over number 2. That one may have moved from awkward into whatever the word is that would be next on the intensity scale. On the other hand, if something were spilled on the seat, you would be able to "sit" there and not get anything on your bottom…


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