Three Things Thursday [Vol. 14]

I’m 23 weeks along, past the halfway point in the pregnancy, and the changes are getting pretty noticeable! The Truck is kicking lots, still swimming around in all directions but taking up more space than before. I have been offered a seat or two on on the bus (not in the morning lol, everyone sleeps or pretends to be asleep and can take no notice of pregnant commuters, plus my coat makes it less obvious), and my family was delighted to see my bump in real life at Thanksgiving dinner.

In honour of all the changes, this week I would like to share three things that get me out of breath:

  1. Taking the stairs.

Okay, so I have to take the chance to brag on myself for this. Matt and I started taking the stairs up to our apartment (11th floor) every once in a while to have strong legs and hearts. Word on the internet is that I can expect to gain about half a pound per week going forward, and I am already up about 12 pounds since the pregnancy began, so I am experimenting to see how long I can continue to take the stairs. So far, so good, although it is pretty much the only exercise I can bring myself to do. I had such dreams of jogging through pregnancy, but I can barely bring myself to go for walks. I can climb 11 flights of stairs though, and I can do it two stairs at a time if I go slow. I just decide whether I want to burn out my legs or my lungs and go from there.

2. Eating a full meal

This might be partly a posture issue, which I will try to work on, but what used to be a problem only if I gorged myself has now become pretty standard. I imagine my torso as a pie graph that is 80% filled with baby. It is up to my lungs and stomach to negotiate for the remaining 20%. Where are my kidneys and liver? I don’t know.

3. Putting on socks

Aaaand this is why I had to brag on myself for thing number 1. Because it’s true – I can only get socks and shoes on by sitting down, crossing my ankle over my knee, and getting it on the first try. Even then, I’m still a leeeetle bit winded. If I need to go for a second or third attempt? Not pretty folks, not. too. pretty.

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