Three Things Thursday [Vol. 11]

Today’s list sums up my Swagbucks strategy, which gets me enough points to earn a $5 gift card every 3-5 weeks. I keep wishing I had a Swagbucks post to link back to so I can reference it without explaining the whole thing, and I have found that this strategy is really effective without taking hardly any time or effort, so I really think it’s helpful.

1. Download the toolbar and use it to navigate. The more you search, the more often you will win swagbucks, and I win at least once a day just by doing my basic internet surfing via the toolbar. I search for gmail and click the link rather than typing it in the address bar, same for google reader, google maps, national post, online banking, common prayer, the daily poll and NOSO (see below) ETC. Then of course I also use the toolbar if I am actually searching for anything.

2. Do the daily poll – this is worth a point per day and takes about 8 seconds (including the toolbar search, which may earn you more swagbucks!)

3. Follow the path for NOSO – I search for this and click through (without even reading the offers) daily for 2 points per day.

Search & WinThere are lots of other ways to earn swagbucks (watching their online “TV” channel, doing tasks, taking surveys, and playing games), but I don’t bother with these. They are easy to find through the toolbar if you are interested, but I find that the strategy outlined above suits me best. The gift cards I cash my points in for really feel like free money – I just load them onto my amazon account and they are ready the next time I order anything. Of course, there are tons of different prizes and gift cards you can trade points for.

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