Three Things Thursday [Vol.10]

For my first post in this new location, what better “three things” topic than things that make my sister great!?

1. She did a bunch of internet/computer/behind the scenes magic to help me actually transition to this web address (which my Dad took care of for me ages ago, thanks Dad!) – this is the reason behind the mini-tribute.

2. I’m not scared to come home to her when I’m cranky. I had a miserable day yesterday, but she didn’t get all awkward and tip-toey about my emotions, just gave me space and then came to the grocery store with me and listened while I talked it out 🙂

3. (In case you need words to explain the picture above) She’s like the best sister ever! That’s the best way I can sum up all the other reasons competing for the last spot – she is fun and funny and gets me and loves me, but she also stands up to my old-habits-die-hard big sister habits of trying to make her do stuff. I feel like we are growing the bestfriendship we couldn’t quite manage when we were younger because there is a balance of power now, and my four extra years of size (lost) and experience aren’t enough to bully her around (completely).

There you have it! Feel free to leave a tribute in the comments to someone you love 🙂

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Susan 24-05-2012, 20:41

I’m glad you guys are having a good time together! I think you’re both pretty amazing. I was out for lunch with Aunt Jean today and we were singing the praises of both of you again – it’s one of our favorite themes [lol].


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