Taking God at His Word

I finished reading Luke today.

I am overwhelmed with tons of ideas and convictions and hopes and fears and will try to skip over all of them for now to just say one point that stuck out for me in Luke:

We should take God at his word.

The first person to have an angelic vision in Luke was Zachariah, the high priest, and he questioned it, so he was struck dumb until what had been promised came to pass.

The next person was Mary, a righteous young woman, and she was frightened and confused by her vision as well. She asked how the angel’s words could be true, but she accepted them in faith.

The next vision in Luke is an appearance of angels to some shepherds outside Bethlehem. These uneducated, low-in-status men were terrified, but when they were told that the promised Saviour and Christ had been born and was in a nearby town they went to see it. They took God at his word! And it was as they had been told, as nobody would have ever expected.

Sometimes people who think they know what to expect from God completely miss the point.

Including me.

But God’s word says that it’s never too late to make things right, and I am believing it.

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