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That’s my kitchen sink – sure looks clean and shiny, doesn’t it? My Mom gave props to on her blog so I checked it out again and may or may not attempt this method at housekeeping. Step one is shine your sink, so I did 🙂

Dear Mom, sorry you had to look at that dead mouse so much. I have been busy AND procrastinating, which is a terrible combination for blogging.

Dear everyone else, I am still trying to figure out a routine for this new semester that involves not only housework, school and work but also contact with the outside world. We’ll see how it goes, lol – until then, I thought I’d check in to let you know of my good intentions, and hopefully there will be more posts soon!!

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Susan 19-01-2011, 01:58

Wow…OK…that looks clean! Very impressive looking! I wonder if mine ever looks that good. And thanks for moving the mouse along – lol! I do appreciate that.


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