Summer Solstice

Summer solstice always makes me a bit sad inside, to think that the daylight is going to decrease when it still feels like the whole summer is still waiting to happen! Yesterday and today have been baking hot in Toronto – walking to a bank machine after work today I felt like the soles of my shoes were melting with every step I took on the sidewalk. Yesterday evening after it cooled down to maybe 28 or 30 degrees (from 41 with humidity), I enjoyed sitting out on the balcony with a warm breeze blowing and heat still radiating up from the concrete into my feet. And, now that it might be too little too late, I think I’ll give Nimoy a haircut. We are hoping for a big thunder storm tonight to clear the atmosphere and help reset the temperatures back to just hot, not baking humidity. The heat has made me feel like a great wife though, because I can empathize with Matt who is nearing the end of a two week trip to the Middle East. He has been having a great time from what I hear, and he thinks that us not having air conditioning in our apartment has given him an edge over the other Canadians when it comes to adapting to the very humid climate there. I am very excited for him to come home so I can hear more of his stories and impressions and ideas!

As for this passing solstice, I will try to focus not on having peaked, but on passing a milestone and still anticipating all the great things this summer and beyond have to offer 🙂

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