A friend on facebook posted an article about this ad campaign to help single mothers, and I think it really relates to my last post on incarnation.

I don’t spend time reading gossip magazines except for the headlines while I wait in line at Walmart, and I don’t watch celebrity news either. But I think this is a great ad campaign because it highlights an important truth:  celebrities are just people. And single mothers are just people. And we might be more interested in some people’s lives than others (for whatever reason – we think they are fascinating because their lives are different from ours, or they are living our dream, or we see them in movies and want to know more what they are like), but being interesting does not make any person more or less valuable.

At the end of the video there are links to see real people’s stories, and I honestly am more interested to watch them than the latest 20 second clip about what club Justin Bieber went to or who wore what on the red carpet. That’s just me. Maybe you’re the same or maybe you would rather read a magazine than knock on your neighbour’s door and ask to visit. To be honest though, I’d rather watch a video than walk down the hall and actually get to know my neighbours, and I think that defeats the purpose of trying to live incarnationally.

As a Christian I believe that God is writing a big story for the world and that we all have a role to play and that nothing, good or bad, is wasted when we offer our lives to Him. I also think that we can have a better idea what our role is when we really know our context, when we are open to hearing the stories being lived out around us.

See more of the WoodGreen Homeward Bound ad campaign here!

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