Stay Golden with Poetry

It has been a very busy last few days for our family, and I have been grateful for Torre’s flexibility and resilience as we kept him up late away from home several nights in a row. Last night was a show for Stay Golden, a performing arts ministry Matt leads that gives young artists a stage, and as always it was inspiring to hear testimonies and see the passion that high school students and young adults bring through spoken word, song, and dance. I signed up for the open mic part of the show and had so much fun presenting a spoken word piece I wrote this Fall – I’m hoping to post the video before long.

Part of the show that is always fun is the live poetry writing contest: at the beginning of the night, the audience shouts out 5 random words that must be incorporated into a single poem. Anyone can write a poem, and the audience judges which they like best. I did not win, but I did have fun writing a poem on the spot, and it was fun to hear how many different ideas came out of the same five words (I’m bolding the words we had to use).


Is this pomegranate a metaphor for our relationship I wondered,
as the ruby jewels splattered my hands purple
– feeling like Lady Macbeth shrieking “Out, damn spot!” because
my dreams were too grandiose,
my aspirations gleamed brighter than the stars they weren’t,
and I stuck my neck out like a giraffe,
hoping you’d find me elegant like a swan.
I wish my heart was thick and pulpy as my thumbs sink deeper into the fruit,
and I wish it wasn’t so cliche to be lovesick,
wish some goon would sweep me off my feet
instead of chasing after princes
who turn out to be toads.

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Esther 24-11-2013, 21:37

I love that poem especially since you wrote it in a night. The link to the Stay Golden site doesn’t work though. It is trying to link to a sub page within your site. I can’t wait to see the video of the poem you wrote 🙂

alyssa 29-11-2013, 15:43

hey thanks! I think I fixed the link. I was lazy and skipped the http://www…..


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