So… It’s Hot

And tomorrow has been forecast to be the hottest day yet. So after taking Nimoy on his nighttime walk and taking the stairs up (one of the elevators is broken and I skipped kickboxing because it was so HOT), my sweaty self taped aluminum foil to our west-facing windows.Dining room above, kitchen below. Now from outside, we look like crazy people who don’t want aliens or government satellites reading our minds 😛 But we are not the only ones, and I am praying this makes the apartment slightly less of an oven to come home to (and wake up to, sigh)For the record, the blinds will also be down, so from inside I think everything will look pretty normal. There are a few girls coming over for small group tomorrow night, and I don’t want to scare them off!

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Susan 22-07-2011, 23:29

Oh Honey, I've been thinking of you and praying that you and Nimoy are surviving OK. If anything will help keep it cooler, I say who cares what people think! I remember well that cool showers were a few minutes of reprieve.

Hopefully it will be over soon!


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