Settling Back In

Matt and I have been home from our vacation for a couple of days and I am slowly settling back in to working/sleeping/thinking about unpacking.

In very exciting news, I am also settling into the idea of becoming a mom in February! That’s right, little old me is almost through my first trimester 😀 All in all everything has gone smoothly, and I have begun to gain a little bit of weight. I wouldn’t say I’m showing yet, since no stranger would look at me twice, but I am definitely more comfortable in loose clothing and have been known to wander around with my pants undone (thank you Bella Band!). Matt and I are both so excited to become parents and have had a lot of fun finally sharing the news with many of our family and friends over the past few weeks!

The | on the right side means “this test worked.” The + on the left means “y’all are gonna have a baby!”

That is all the news I have to tell – I’m sure I’ll have stories and pictures to share along the way, and I still hope to find some kind of rhythm for blogging to share/process life as it happens, but I’m taking things day by day, so I’ll avoid making specific goals/promises for now 😉

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