Setting Goals

As you may have noticed over the last few months, I really enjoy reading on the internet, and I have been inspired by all kinds of articles and blogs and google searches to try many new things!

One interesting idea that I have come across recently is related to setting goals and is called the 3in30 Challenge. The basic idea is to set three goals at the beginning of the month that you plan to achieve by the end of the month, so you will accomplish three goals in thirty days. It’s a simple concept, and it is appealing to me, but I am not QUITE ready to jump on board.

Part of the problem is my perfectionism, and it is already August 5, so there are only 26 days left in the month, and that’s just not as catchy.
Another reason (because, really, I know I should just jump in where I can) is that I am super overwhelmed with hopes and dreams and goals, big and small, related to myself, my home, my mind AND to choose 3 off the top of my head so I can just jump in and get started? Too crazy.

But I am thinking of maybe trying this out come September! This way I can brainstorm, make lists, let my ADD run its course and eliminate crazy ideas that I don’t need to take too seriously, and then see how it goes! I guess we’ll see what happens in September 😛

And just because I’m not making official, public, 3in30 goals doesn’t mean I won’t accomplish anything this month!

What is your goal style? Do you like setting big, long-term goals that challenge and inspire you? Or do you do better with smaller goals, building gradually toward the bigger picture?

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Susan 08-08-2011, 18:39

I've recently come to terms with realizing that I love lists! It's the best way for me to stay productive during the day and notice what I'm accomplishing – which is very important for my mental well being. So I'm definitely a small goal setter – I even make 3 items for laundry: wash, dry, put away, all as separate items.


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