September so far

Although I haven’t written for two weeks, September has been a great month so far. Matt and I have been transitioning (back) into a routine and kind of figuring out how to pace ourselves for the upcoming (school/ministry)year. I decided this year that summer would not end for me until October since I don’t have school to fill up my time. The summer weather has been kind of winding down though, and even though I am not in school, our youth all are, so youth ministry is morphing from retreats and mission trips and other summer events back to weekly events, small groups, and homework help.

The first two weeks of the month have been filled with fun though! We did a camping mini-retreat with the youth on the long weekend, and I loved my first real camping trip. We even had a huge storm Saturday night, but our tents mostly held up, and it was all a really cool experience. I was waiting to post anything about camping until I got pictures, but that still hasn’t happened, soo… yeah.

The day after we got back from camping I turned 23 🙂 It was a quiet birthday spent lazing around at home, watching a movie with Matt and going out for dessert that night.

Since then we have sort of begun a big project to de-clutter and reorganize our apartment so that it can be even more enjoyable to live here and easier to share hospitality with others! After 5 years of storing my trumpet without ever playing it consistently, I finally decided to sell it, and it only took a week or so to post the ad online, find a buyer and trade my trumpet in for cash 🙂 It wasn’t the easiest decision to sell my trumpet, but I am glad I did. Other than that, Matt and I have started a bag of clothes to donate to Goodwill, and step-by-step, room-by-room we have begun to organize/clean/clear out the mess that has slowly accumulated over the last 8 months of being very busy. It feels great!

The emotional slump that I hit when we returned to Scarborough has lifted, and I have been doing my best to keep a good attitude about different circumstances as they come to keep my emotions on an even keel. Matt and I shared a sweet moment about a week ago when he had just come in from walking Nimoy. I told him that he has seemed a lot happier and more relaxed since our vacation and since his internship/second job wrapped up at the end of August. He said that on his walk he had just been thinking about how much happier I seemed to be lately and how great that was.

SO life is not perfect, but it is very good. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me/us, and please continue to do so as Matt and I plan and share dreams for this next year of our life/marriage/ministry 🙂

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Susan 15-09-2011, 23:23

Thanks for the update. I've been wondering how you are and how life has been for you. I'm beginning to think that decluttering is good for the soul – I've been working on what's left in Clayton's room. We'll be selling that bed soon – it's time to move on…

I love you 🙂


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