Rouge Park

So, my resolution to keep living in Summer until October hasn’t panned out very well. In general, I have gone from work to home to errands etc. even on nice days when I could have feasibly done something outside. This is why I never get tanned, because given the choice between being outside and sitting on my couch, I usually choose my couch. Or chores. Outside is boring when I’m by myself. (More boring than chores. Oi.)

But Thursday after work, Matt and I went on a gorgeous hike at Rouge Park, so I wanted to post some pictures.

These pictures are in reverse order of how I took them, but you weren’t there on the hike, so you won’t know any different, and wrestling with pictures in blogger is pretty frustrating. So enjoy 🙂

In real life, this picture was an explosion of colours, yellow, orange, green, red, purple, brown. But cameras-in-general can only capture so much, and my cellphone camera is even more limited. So imagine 🙂
Some beaver bit off way more than it could chew.
Find the chipmunk in this picture! (If you click on the picture it will open in a bigger size) It sat on this tree for probably five minutes while I tried to change the settings on my cell phone to let me zoom in, but it never worked out and finally the chipmunk dove off the tree and scampered off. So cute.

Now that Fall has officially begun, I am planning to enjoy IT on its own terms. No longing for strong Summer heat, no dreading bitter Winter cold, but soaking up Fall. Hopefully this means more hikes, making soup and bread, and cuddling Nimoy more than ever =)

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Susan 27-09-2011, 23:38

I'm glad you told me about the chipmunk because I never would have seen him without help. Seeing the beaver tree made me so happy inside – we never see those out here!


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