I have been thinking about New Year’s resolutions for the last week or so, trying to decide whether I should make any, and trying to figure out what it/they could possibly be. 2011 was the first year that I really made a resolution and kept it – it was to finish making a baby blanket for my friend Jo whose daughter is turning one tomorrow! I am much more likely to start and project than to finish it, so very early last January I decided that I would remember how to crochet and that I would make this blanket, and I promised myself that it would not be left as half a ball of yarn and a bunch of squares needing to be joined together. I think it was near the end of March that I finished it, and alas I gave it away without taking any pictures. But I finished it!

I think part of my problem with New Year’s resolutions is that any ideas I have tend to be things I want to do whether it’s a new year or not. It’s not so much about making a big change, that this year will be different from all the rest, but instead I feel like, “Hm, it’s January again, and I’ve stopped flossing again. Maybe I should resolve to floss.”

This leads right in to another challenge I face: the attention span conundrum. This is my why resolution for 2011 was perfect – I only needed it until March! Just when my blanket-making attention span was fading, my New Year’s resolution attention span kicked in to push me through.

There is one thing I can think of that is worth resolving to do this year, and that is a joint goal for Matt and I to pay off our student line of credit. We both have oodles of other student debt, but this would be a huge step and accomplishment in our financial goals to be clear of that particular debt by the end of 2012. It’s not something completely unreasonable (and therefore disappointing), but it will certainly take discipline and attention and more than minimum payments to achieve.

As for flossing (and continuing to read my Bible regularly, and trying new recipes) – I will certainly do my best. But I don’t think I will enshrine these particular hopes and dreams for the new year as resolutions.

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