Psalm 34

I am 26 weeks along, and now that November is here I can start saying I’m 6 months pregnant! I’m not counting months every four weeks because then if I make it to my due date I’ll get to 10, and who wants to be 10 months pregnant on their due date? Not me! November is an exciting month because Matt and I will finish our prenatal class, and since I am beginning the third trimester we’ll have two midwife appointments instead of just one.

In our prenatal class last week we started talking about when the baby actually arrives – breastfeeding and bathing and not sleeping and generally letting your life get turned upside down because fighting it only makes it harder and it’s not forever. I’m not wishing this pregnancy away by any means, but I am getting so excited for the Truck to be on the outside where it will be so much easier to tickle and squeeze its feet!

In the meantime, the Truck is at a stage of fetal development when it can begin to differentiate sounds. I have heard of new babies recognizing their mom’s or dad’s voice, and apparently studies have been done that show babies recognize simple songs and even short stories they frequently heard in the womb. Some parents will choose a baby book for the dad to read to mom’s belly each day, and when the baby is born it can be calmed by that book because it recognizes/remembers the speech patterns from when it was cozy in utero. Whether this is really worthwhile, who knows, but in addition to sounding a bit ridiculous, I think it’s super cute! So this week Matt started reading Psalm 34 to my belly before we go to bed. Worst case scenario, it’s a great excuse for us to reflect on that Scripture together, and if we are trying to soothe the Truck on long, sleepless nights, I’d rather be leaning on a psalm (especially such a nice one! Pop over to the link and read it through :)) than Goodnight Moon.

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Susan 02-11-2012, 17:31

Awww… “Goodnight Moon” was one of my favorites. Of course there was “Love You Forever” or “Too Many Bunnies” or about 1000 others. I am pretty excited about all the possibilities of a new little baby in our family 🙂 Seriously though, it doesn’t get any better than God’s word. Good for you two!!

alyssa 03-11-2012, 09:31

🙂 Oh I am definitely excited to read our baby real books! Actually lol, I looked up Goodnight Moon to make sure that was an actual thing, not just something in my head and got happy thinking about it. Ah babies.


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