A Prayer

This morning I read Ephesians 1 in the Message translation. Verse 11 says, “It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.” This is the prayer that came from reflecting on that verse:

God of wonders,
how good of you to love me.
To make me with care,
to shepherd my soul,
to bear with my pride, my ignorance,
my cowardice.

Father of lights,
creator of stars,
would you shine on me.
Let me never forget the cracks and flaws I bear;
let me never imagine my beauty or goodness is anything
more than your Spirit shining through my brokenness;
let your transformation of my weakness be glorifying
to your name and never my own ego.

King of Heaven,
you have made me your daughter.
May I be an asset to your kingdom.
Correct my manners, my priorities,
my values, my concerns.
Strengthen my character and my faith.
Help me understand your ways
and to make them my own.

draw near to me – I raise my arms to you
knowing your strong arms will reach for me too.
Take delight in my simplicity,
my sincerity;
bear with my clumsiness and immaturity.
Teach me, protect me, provide for me,
so that I can grow strong in you.


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Susan 28-04-2014, 17:18

Amen! Me too, Father; me too.


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