Pray for May

(For the record, the catchy title to this post was that last thing to be written before I hit publish. I do love a good rhyme almost as much as I love alliteration.)

I discovered while Matt and I were away on retreat that I’ve forgotten a bit how to pray. I remember the theory of course, but it seems like my quiet times with God have gone the way of coffee visits with friends: we still get together, but part of my mind is always on stand-by, ready to leap from the conversation into mothering at a moment’s notice. It’s hard to achieve any depth.

This isn’t a challenge that I saw coming. Sure, there are a ton of resources and articles out there about all the other relationships that change when you have a baby, from your husband to the family pet, but no one warned me it would be harder to connect with God.


This sums up most of my attempts at “quiet time” with God.

One of my challenges now is that I expect to fail at really connecting with God, and so I hardly even try. I do pray quick on-the-go prayers, and I do occasionally flip through my Bible. I even started working to re-memorize Hebrews 12, but all in all I feel my soul getting a little bit malnourished. I don’t want to wait for things to go completely off the rails before I give my best effort to connect with God, and I don’t want to give in to the nagging voice that says spiritual mediocrity is something I just have to settle for in this season of my life.

My April goals went really well, and I was thinking of whether I should make new goals for May. While my goals for the coming month are not so easy to put in bullet points, I do want to commit to seeking a new normal with God that is healthy and fulfilling. It’s a challenge because it is uncharted territory for me, and I am nervous to try for fear of failing. But trying very rarely makes anything worse, and scripture does promise that when we draw near to God he draws near to us.

I would love ideas for making time (and disciplining myself to actually use the time) to meet with God and strategies to make that time fruitful. Comments welcome, as are prayers 🙂

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Ericka M 30-04-2013, 15:58

I’d say, and it’s just my own opinion; you may do as the LORD leads you, but, I think God realizes the busy life you have now that you are a new mother. If you have time to pray, then OK, if not, then, some other time. Also, babysitters would help, if there are those that are completely trustworthy so you can have a bit of a break to pray or to catch up on whatever you need to. I know that I don’t always pray when I should either, but it is totally important that we do. I don’t know how you even have time to run this website with a newborn!

Ericka M 30-04-2013, 16:03

(By the way, a heads-up to you, Alyssa; in this section there are two ads on the left of this topic, at least that I’m seeing that I’m not sure if you would have shown on your website. I’ll tell you in a private message, don’t want to embarrass anyone here!)

alyssa 30-04-2013, 18:35

Hi Ericka, thanks very much for the heads up. I will contact the ads people to let them know I do not promote that kind of content.

Ericka M 04-05-2013, 19:10

Alyssa: You’re welcome, and good that you did something. I will let you know if I see any more such ads. I didn’t see them here today.


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