Pictures from December


This month Matt took a writing retreat, and we got to stay in an amazing condo.


While Matt was writing, Torre and I got to visit my Grandparents, which is always fun!


The condo had an amazing bathtub, which was great for relaxing at the end of the day… or containing an explorative baby 🙂

Torre and I have lots of fun playing with his toys, reading books and practising walking around the apartment. He’s usually pretty good at entertaining himself when I have things I need to do. Usually….

Torre is getting strong enough to climb stairs and onto our futon!


Torre didn’t have any concerns about the power being out!


Every day is a new adventure!

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Esther 24-12-2013, 13:07

Torre is too cute. I love the picture of him and the bathtub!

alyssa 04-01-2014, 20:53

I loved that bathtub! It was way safer for him than our bathtub at home.

Susan 24-12-2013, 15:53

I love every one of these! I love that perspective of having no concerns when the power goes out (or anything else that throws us a curve ball); I love the effort in his body language when he’s pulling himself up onto the futon; I love the easy stand by the coffee table, like he could just step away and walk across the room; I love the expectation of adventure of every day… I love this little boy and everything he does for my heart!

alyssa 04-01-2014, 20:53

He is pretty great! It’s crazy how he just keeps getting better….

Donna 25-12-2013, 16:04

What a great collection of pictures. Love your comments!

alyssa 04-01-2014, 20:54

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them 🙂 It’s nice to be able to share a little glimpse of our lives.


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