There are two sisters who live on our floor who are believers. Many times when Matt and I have chatted with them, they always manage to insert “Jesus is coming soon” into the conversation.

This I believe, but I don’t say it much, especially like “Yes, I’m coming home from work right now. Jesus is coming!” but this morning, I decided to go for it. Matt and I took the elevator down with them on our way to church and we were talking about how great the weather is this weekend. One sister said, “but the time is coming. Winter.” And I said, “I hope Jesus comes back first – I will tell him in my prayers – Lord, please come back, maybe Tuesday.”

This woman looked me in the face and said, “You are selfish. More people need to know Jesus – he is being patient.”

Oh. Right.

So I got busted. If I have any charismatic tendencies, I struggle to take them seriously.

Matt and I talked about it as we walked to church, and we agreed that we liked me being chastised (it’s Biblical!). It is better for us to remember that God is being patient than to just be depressed that Jesus isn’t back yet and we have bills and snow coming.

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