Incarnation is one of the strongest pillars the gospel has to offer: that God himself became a man and lived among us.

Incarnation is also one of the strongest demands of the gospel: if God has loved us enough to fully immerse himself in our world, then we as Christ-followers have no reason to hold ourselves back. The goal of the Christian life is not escaping this world, although the temptation to do so takes many forms, and it’s easy to get off track.

I’m wondering today if I might be a little off track.

When Matt and I first moved to this apartment, one of our goals was incarnation – we prayerfully chose to move from a basement apartment in a rich neighbourhood to a building near our church that people tend to not move in to. We did not come here to be saints – the relationship with our former landlady had soured, and Matt’s commute was almost an hour by transit, so there were practical reasons for moving closer, but our hearts’ desire was also to contribute to transformation in our neighbourhood by our presence.

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Start the New Year with Free Music!

dark days album coverTorre and I were having a dance party this afternoon, and one of the CDs I played is by an indie band called Under Everyone. Matt and I met this guy on our way out from a Jason Mraz concert, selling CDs for whatever people would pay. His band had come up to Toronto in a van and the CD money might go to cover gas money and it was very living-the-dream in a way that gives parents cold sweats. So we gave him $10 and listened to the CD in the car on the way home, and it was really fun! The CD is called Tropical Timez – it is kind of Jack Johnson meets Jason Mraz in style.

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Barf Bags

Happy New Year! While this is often a time of year to set resolutions and dream of all our hopes for the year to come, my transition from 2013 to 2014 was a reminder that even the best-laid plans are never a sure thing. Goals are great, but so can be going with the flow. We all know that flexibility and patience are easiest to come by when you don’t really need them, but when everything is going wrong, resigning yourself to your fate sometimes looks close enough. Let me explain…

barfbag imgMatt and I spent Christmas and the week following with his family on the East Coast. We had a fabulous trip with just the right mix of catching up, fun with family, delicious food, quality time together (mostly hours and hours of driving, which is often when we have our best conversations!), and finally some rest as we spent a lazy day at his parents’ house before flying home. Except the night before our flight Matt started throwing up, and it was clear by morning that we were not going anywhere, much less driving an hour to the airport and flying two and a half hours home.

I cancelled our flight and did my best to enjoy our extra day with Matt’s family. Torre played happily, chased the cats and pulled CDs off their shelves. I did a load of laundry, called my parents, slept and visited in between checking on Matt who was doing his best to keep some liquids down and catch some sleep. Instead of playing board games with friends and counting down to midnight, we lay on an air mattress in the dark and prayed it wasn’t a huge mistake to re-book our flight for Jan. 1 – the day with the lowest price and most available seats, but also a gamble whether Matt would be able to travel so soon.

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