My 1 Year Old Walks!

It is Torre’s birthday, and I’ll not spend it blogging 😛

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How to Meet a Baby

I’ve been wanting to pull a post together on baby etiquette – that is, how non-babies should interact with babies. The thing is, it mostly ends up being my pet peeves and weird stories that have happened over the past year, and how am I to know where to draw the line between what freaks my baby out and what I just project onto him because I think you’re way too excited to see him.

DSC07969Babies are different too, as are parents, so if I made up the top ten rules for how to meet my baby, it might not be quite right for the adorable kiddo you see in the grocery store. So instead, I have condensed all my almost-a-year of experience to one piece of advice to keep in mind when you are meeting a baby:

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A friend on facebook posted an article about this ad campaign to help single mothers, and I think it really relates to my last post on incarnation.

I don’t spend time reading gossip magazines except for the headlines while I wait in line at Walmart, and I don’t watch celebrity news either. But I think this is a great ad campaign because it highlights an important truth:

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