If You Need Your Heart Warmed

This video captures a social experiment: a hidden camera records how people respond to the sight of a shivering child (don’t worry, he’s an actor) with no coat at a bus stop is Oslo, Norway. The goal is to raise awareness and funds for a campaign to provide coats to Syrian children. The idea is that in the winter time, displaced children in Syria need coats just as much as this young boy, even if you don’t see them shivering.

By the end of the video I had tears streaming down my face, which was no surprise since I have come to terms with how motherhood has changed me.

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Book Review: Happy Wives Club

I went back to work this week, which meant I blasted through this book during my commute! It was a great read for the subway – short chapters and not too in-depth, plus it’s a very relevant topic for the week of Valentine’s Day 🙂happy wives clubThe Happy Wives Club was an idea that Fawn Weaver came up with after feeling discouraged by how marriage is portrayed in the media and how it is treated by our culture in general. She was happily married, but it seemed that at every turn she was bombarded with the message that it was only a matter of time before everything unravelled. www.HappyWivesClub.com is an upbeat blog dedicated to positively changing the tone about marriage around the world. It began with Fawn’s invitation to a few close friends who passed the invite along and has now grown to include over 600 000 members (her goal is a million!).

The book Happy Wives Club chronicles Fawn’s travels through over 18 cities on 6 continents to meet and interview happy wives to learn their marriage secrets. These women come from different backgrounds, have different histories and lifestyles, but so much of their advice boils down to the same principles; happy marriages do not happen by accident. Fawn is a great storyteller, and I have a bit of an itch to travel after reading about the exotic cities she experienced, but even more interesting than reading about the food, architecture, history and smells of her travels is the refreshing perspective that all around the world there are marriages that really work: husbands and wives who laugh together, encourage each other, support one another and go to bed happy at the end of each day together.

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Book Review: Pirates on the Farm

pirates cover picPirates on the Farm, by Denette Fretz, is an entertaining children’s book that teaches a poignant lesson on loving your neighbour. The publisher recommends this book for children ages 4-8, although I think even that age range could be stretched depending on the child. The story is beautifully illustrated (by Gene Barretta) and extremely engaging, through the humorous portrayal of what happens when a crew of pirates moves in to a proper southern community.

Using the perspective of the daughter in the family who lives next door, the author does a great job of showcasing different responses through the different family members: the little brother wants to join in on all the pirates antics, the mom wants to move out of town, and the dad accepts and helps out his new neighbours but doesn’t lose his own identity in the process.

When the town locals finally band together to kick the pirates out of town, a heartwarming twist makes this story not only a parable about accepting others but truly showing the love of Christ.

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