Bathurst Days 6-8

Two weeks after we arrived home, I am finally sitting down to sum up the last few days of our Bathurst mission trip.

It’s hard to describe the progress that we made over the course of the week in terms of what we did because the days sound the same on paper – wake up early, pray as a team, eat breakfast and head to the church, run VBS and connect with the kids. True, each day of VBS followed the same pattern, but what happened within each day truly built on the day before, and the whole team was inspired with the progress we saw over the course of a week. girls day

Most of the kids who started the week by testing limits and challenging our leadership finished the week proudly participating in the different stations and singing the songs we learned together. Some kids brought friends over the course of the week, so we finished with more campers than we started! One huge highlight for me was on the very last day of camp with a boy who came for the first time that day, and when the day was over he said, “This was so much fun, I wish I came all week! Are you coming back next year?” 

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Book Review: NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers

I’m still working on my post to sum up the end of our Bathurst mission trip, but I wanted to jump in with a review for a kids’ Bible I received before the trip. The short version is: I love it! The Bible is published by Zondervan, and it’s called the Adventure Bible for Early Readers.

The Bible itself is pretty hefty, but the binding is sturdy, and kids will love the 3D cover! (I love the 3D cover.) I think Zondervan has done a great job of presenting God’s word in an engaging and accessible format for kids – they recommend this Bible for ages 6-10, which I think is spot on, although depending on the child’s reading ability, it probably is too challenging for a 6 year old to sit down and read by themselves, although with that said I think kids could continue to use this Bible past the age of 10. The language is simple and direct, with short sentences and understandable terms used directly in the text (as opposed to in a footnote or at the back of the Bible in a table of ancient weights and measures). I was a bit worried that a kids’ Bible might be too dumbed-down to be very useful, but I found that the translation was not dumbed-down at all, just simplified to make it easier to read.

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Days 3-5 in Bathurst

By Sunday, the mission trip was already becoming a blur. Sunday morning we enjoyed being part of the service at St. Luke’s, helping lead music and listening to my mother-in-law preach! debbie preachingAfter the service it was time to transform the sanctuary into a jungle complete with waterfall for our VBS theme of weird animals. There were lots of final touches to put on the decorations, and the team also made final preparations for the different stations we were leading. vbs setupWhen everything was just about ready, we all piled in the rental cars to head to Bayview Baptist Church where we met our friends from Chaleur Generation to watch the World Cup final match! That was lots of fun, and for those who weren’t so interested in the soccer game there was lots of room to play our own games in the basement! Torre had a really fun time with some of the younger boys who were there and also managed to wander mostly safely through some soccer and hockey games that took place between some team members and local friends.

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