Dear Church

I saw an article on facebook this week titled Dear Church, Here’s Why People Are REALLY Leaving You. When I read it, I got a big rant that attacks five cliches of the evangelical church: the big productions many services turn into, the alienation caused by “Christianese” lingo, self-absorption, wrong priorities, and lack of genuine love. Fair enough – those things all suck.

But the article made me sad because all the pain that was harnessed into this attack is directed at big-C Church, which I consider myself a part of. The Church includes all Christians around the world and throughout history, and it is so much bigger than the evangelical movement (which, for all its failures, is part of the Church). I am heartbroken on behalf of the Church that we have been so misunderstood and that we have perpetuated the misunderstandings by inviting people to come to church at 10:30 on Sunday morning.

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Nicaragua Day 8: San Juan Del Sur

Matt got a pretty bad sunburn on our travel day to San Juan Del Sur, so day 8 we took things pretty easy and Matt hid away from the sun. Our hostel offered free breakfast, so we had a nice slow morning there before moving over to Hostel Esperanza right across the street from the beach. We unpacked properly for the first time of our trip, and I went for a walk down the beach while Torre took his afternoon nap. It was so relaxing to wade in the surf, to feel ocean water washing in over my feet while the sand was pulled under my feet back to the sea by the undertow.

The power was out at this time – it seems there may be unofficial rolling blackouts because the receptionist said when it goes out it’s usually back on by sunset at 5:30, and so it was. It was the only power outage we experienced for the rest of the week, but it was a reminder that this beautiful country faces serious struggles and lack of infrastructure.

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Nicaragua Day 7: Travel from Ometepe Island to San Juan Del Sur


Family picture as we left the Landing Hotel on Moyogalpa

Last Monday we traveled from Canada to Nicaragua, and today we traveled from Ometepe to San Juan Del Sur. We have come so far! At the start of our travel day we bought crackers and a coke from a local grocery store, caught the ferry no problem and did not get hustled by any taxi drivers.


Looking forward to our next adventure!

Matt and I split a plate of food for $3 from a stand at the beach, we cabbed it to the border of Rivas for $1 each and took a chicken bus to San Juan Del Sur for about $2 each. The bus was so full, but a man gave me a seat with Torre, and Matt got a place next to me, although he soon gave it up to a woman with a toddler when she got on the bus. The other mom and I talked a little bit before she got off, and Torre slept, and before too long we arrived. I was glad to be next to a window and to have our backpacks in the luggage racks above the seats, not stowed under the bus.

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