Nicaragua Day 10: San Juan Del Sur

IMG_20141127_084131This morning we had breakfast at the market – a typical Nica plate of gallo pinto, eggs, tortilla and cheese. It is so filling and tasty! Also we both had breakfast and coffee for the cost of one breakfast at a tourist cafe here. Chalk up one big point for our budget 🙂 Later in the day, of course, we learned that a typical Nica breakfast is actually included in our hostel, so we will be taking advantage of that for the rest of our stay, but we’ll probably still do lunch at the market and brace our budget for Managua and whatever Granada holds.

Looking up the cliff to the Christ statue

After breakfast we walked all the way down the beach to the bluffs where a big private ex-pat community is built.

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Nicaragua Day 9: San Juan Del Sur

San Juan Del Sur has a great playground!

Today we had breakfast at a hip surfer restaurant called Republika, where bottomless coffee was included with delicious breakfast options including belgian waffles 🙂 We met a family from Texas with a chatty 6 year old daughter named Ryan. We spent a few hours eating and chatting, then did some grocery shopping, played at the park in the town square and came back to the hostel.

Torre played with a kitten that lives here and learned his first Spanish word – gato. I’m not sure if he knows it’s a word or if he thinks this cat is just named gato, but it was really cute to watch him so fascinated and affectionate, even though I was stressed it would end badly with a bite or scratch (it never did).

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Mrs. Job

Sahara In A Rainy Day

Henri Nouwen says that the purest form of prayer is listening. I have been trying to remember to leave more space in my prayers for God to speak, to guide my prayers or to answer my questions, to say what He wants to say.

Recently while praying for someone I love, Job’s wife came to mind. I wondered into the stillness of an open-ended prayer what she had to do with this situation where a person of strong faith is suffering. She is famous for being not the most supportive wife when her husband was afflicted by Satan himself as a test of his faith. As Job mourns the loss of all his children, his vast material wealth and sits in ashes scraping boils with broken pottery, she chimes in with a single line of dialogue:

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