Oneness with God

A lot of Christians like to talk about following Jesus, which I’ve been thinking about a lot since I got an email from a wonderful sister in Christ about intimacy with God. She wrote:

I am covered in the blood – the inseparable life of Christ. I don’t need to be a follower now his life is complete in me. Nothing can separate us from his life not in action, thought or deed. His life is living and breathing and very exciting to live in that relationship place.

I find so much strength and comfort knowing that nothing can separate me from him or his life.

I’ve been thinking about this the last few days – and I agree there are times when our mentality as Christians should be as Christ-followers, but I like the way Jesus takes out a step by sending the Holy Spirit to live in us and guide us straight from the heart, not only from our minds solving the answer to WWJD. It is so good in those times when I can get out of my own way to trust God and allow him to use me, and those are the times when I really realize how useless we are apart from him.

I want it more!!

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