Nicaragua Day 10: San Juan Del Sur

IMG_20141127_084131This morning we had breakfast at the market – a typical Nica plate of gallo pinto, eggs, tortilla and cheese. It is so filling and tasty! Also we both had breakfast and coffee for the cost of one breakfast at a tourist cafe here. Chalk up one big point for our budget πŸ™‚ Later in the day, of course, we learned that a typical Nica breakfast is actually included in our hostel, so we will be taking advantage of that for the rest of our stay, but we’ll probably still do lunch at the market and brace our budget for Managua and whatever Granada holds.

Looking up the cliff to the Christ statue

After breakfast we walked all the way down the beach to the bluffs where a big private ex-pat community is built. Torre ended up falling down a bunch and got really sandy, so we didn’t stick around too long before we walked back to the hostel, cleaned him up, and put him down for a nap. IMG_20141127_102609IMG_20141127_102404IMG_20141127_102947I dozed off too and woke up around 3. We’d bought groceries at the market as well as our breakfast, so I cooked up a bunch of eggs, tomato and onion into an omelette and fried up some potatoes for a huge, late lunch, then we walked down the beach to the Eskimo store (I really did get addicted to huge, delicious icecream cones for less than $2 during our stay in San Juan).

It started downpouring rain, and we got pretty wet walking home, and it was extra treacherous because the tiled sidewalks get slippery when they’re wet! It doesn’t help that they are so narrow and frequently obstructed. But we made it home, and Matt braved the elements to go out and buy us a pizza for supper πŸ™‚ He met some Canadians there, and it was officially a tourist haunt because the guy who took his order did not speak Spanish. Awkward. It was great pizza though, and we enjoyed another night on the hostel patio soaking in just the fact that we were in Latin America.


The view from our hostel patio – when it’s not pouring rain, that’s the beach across the street.

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Susan 29-01-2015, 16:51

Nice! I laughed out loud at the picture of Torre – still so happy with a huge beach smudge on his face. Dad came over to see what I was laughing at :D. What a wonderful trip…

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