I am in heavy facebook withdrawal, since I discovered tonight we have mice. Without a social media outlet for my horror/anxiety/all the developments (set a trap, mouse went for it but was only stunned and not killed, I had NO clue what to do with a stunned mouse, so instead of putting a jar over it or something to contain it, I just waited for the problem to go away, which it did – the mouse disappeared for a while, I re set the trap, saw it again, realized it might be building a nest under one of our book shelves (it is blocked off by a big cardboard box so torre can’t pull the books off the shelves. I would SO MUCH RATHER him pull the books off the shelves all day every day than see ONE MORE MOUSE run across my floor.

I am too upset to close any of my brackets.

In the course of writing this, I saw a very small mouse scamper into the kitchen. Lord, help me. Hooray it’s small. Horribly, I think it’s smaller than the mouse stunned in the trap. Which means there very well could be a nest.

I was up at 5:20am for work this morning, and there is not a chance I’m going to sleep with my ears perked for the sound of scurrying. So I will wait for Matt to get home from youth group and flinch at everything and hope my current blood pressure doesn’t actually cause a stroke.

My skin is crawling.

And that’s all that I can say about that.

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Susan 14-03-2014, 23:51

Too bad you didn’t find a stray CAT when you were out last week. Do you think Nemoy could become a mouser??

alyssa 15-03-2014, 20:25

Nimoy was so disinterested in the mouse, it was unbelievable. The lost dog we found got returned to his family earlier yesterday evening, but he was part jack russell terrier, so he would have probably been a great mouser! At least he got back to his people so that was a happy ending.

Susan 14-03-2014, 23:53

I just remembered, we had mice when we lived on Gracehill. We caught one in a live trap and I took it out to the very back corner of our back yard in the dead of winter with lots of snow on the ground to let it out. It made it back into the house again before I did. I was not impressed – just saying.

alyssa 15-03-2014, 20:28

Blahaha, that would be so disappointing!

alyssa 15-03-2014, 20:27

An update to this traumatic story: Matt came home early, trapped the mouse under a pot and sent him to his maker. After which I promptly went to bed.

It was only the one mouse as far as we can tell, and there wasn’t any nest under the book case, just a scared mouse scurrying enough to sound like an army. May he rest in peace 😐

Ericka 18-03-2014, 18:36

Mice? Whoah! I’m sorry that you had them, or one of them. I had my share of living in Toronto mice, cockroach and bed bug infested housing. I mean the actual Toronto Housing, which I wouldn’t wish anyone to live in, then other housing such as rooming houses. I lived in a mice-infested home on Concord Avenue. I used the sticky traps, as the snap-traps may not completey capture the mice. then I just hit the mice with a shoe or something big while they were in the trap and they instantly died.

Hopefully your property management can provide you with sticky traps or whatever traps they have. You shouldn’t have to buy them yourselves. I don’t know if you bought them yourselves or not. I sure like the suggestion given you about getting a stray cat. God knows there must be lots of them in Toronto.

alyssa 18-03-2014, 19:20

The superintendent does give out sticky traps if you ask – fortunately it does seem like it was just that one this time.


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