Merry Christmas!

From Matt and Me and Nimoy!! No, we didn’t give him any presents. He has a big beef chew thing he’s working on though, so he had a nice Christmas 🙂We had a great Christmas because we were able to DRIVE to Orillia for Christmas dinner!! In our car, the Blat. It’s a ’95 Honda Civic, 5-speed, and a little drafty. It is beautiful 🙂
This is a picture I took of our office window a couple weeks ago because the ice was too beautiful to stand. It just froze like that! It felt like a present.

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Susan 26-12-2010, 01:34

I love the photos! Your car looks great – I'm really happy for you guys. It seems that perhaps Nimoy got along OK with the reindeer?

Steve 29-12-2010, 20:34

Hiho Alyssa! Guess who? Yup. Yer dear mother iz gettin me all fired up on this here internet. Got to admit its been awhile but she,ll come back im sure. We looked at yer updated pictures just now. Nice new furniture. Ikea does have lots of great ideas don,t they? Good food too!!! Kidz and I showed up yesterday for awhile. We are staying at J&p for now. Our doggie ad doggy,s. There 2weeks old. German sheperds. Would yer doggy like a friend or two or three???? There almost the same size and everyting. U can let yer mom know ok?? I even have and email now so maybe I can get into the loop a wee bit. Jacqueline wants to go to chapters now so I ad better get my butt movin along for now. Nice to chat. Take care and God bless u both! chow for now.


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