May Starts Well

I have the best husband ever.

Saturday was a team-building, mission-trip-prep day for Matt and the youth going to New Brunswick this summer, and I was happy to be able to join them! It was a really great day, with a delicious breakfast (one of the girls made crepes!!), a really helpful talk/discussion on engaging culture in our city and living “on purpose,” plus fun activities and good volunteer experience helping to promote a community event later this month.

Then, when we were just about to head home, I realized that my keys were not in my coat pocket or my purse. Somehow over the course of the day I had misplaced/dropped/lost our only keys to the car (and kill-switch), and we were stranded. We managed to break into the car to check that the keys hadn’t fallen somewhere inside (which was hilarious, but also a little concerning, since nobody really questioned us, even with a giant screwdriver and coat hanger in the door).

It could have been much worse, but it all worked out in the end (more or less). Even without BLAT, we had enough seatbelts in the other vehicles to get everyone home; one of the other leaders for the trip, a dad in the youth group, had CAA, and we were able to get the car towed to Scarborough under his card; Youth Sunday went great even though we weren’t able to practice the music as planned, and Matt had less time than he hoped to polish his sermon; I am going to get a new key from the Honda dealership for $10.

Most amazingly of all, everybody stayed kind to everybody else through the whole process of looking for the keys EVERYWHERE, trying to figure out what to do when we couldn’t find them, and generally having nothing to do for three hours. We have such an amazing group of youth, and everybody worked very hard to not get cranky and to make the best of a really sucky situation!

Most amazing for me was how great Matt was – really proactive in trying to solve our problems, but he never made me feel bad (I felt terrible, but I was so grateful that nobody felt the need to tell me how dumb I was for losing the keys or what a loser I was for messing up everybody’s plans for their Saturday night).

For this reason and many, many more, Matt is the best, and I hope I can be as lovely a wife to him as he is a husband to me!

In other news, the oil cleansing method is going well, as is making kefir! No miracles to report, although kefir may have contributed to curing Nimoy’s diarrhea last week. That. Was so gross.

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