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I enjoyed a real day off on Tuesday (no work, no school) and was proud of myself for not succumbing to the temptation of Netflix. A friend from church got me into Mad Men, so I have been making my way through the first season. But Tuesday was a good mix of NOT watching TV all day: housework and relaxation, walking the dog a couple times, cooking a real meal and then finally after dinner making some flashcards for my biology final (which was last night and went great! I am half way to done forever!)

Part of relaxing including reading the internet, which can sometimes be a huge time drain for me (like the time Matt and I watched all the freakout kid videos on youtube for an hour and a half instead of going to bed on time), but on Tuesday was pretty good. My dear sweet sister told me the other day that I have become a “wealth of knowledge”! Although I think that comes just from telling her to read stuff that I’ve read, like a book on fertility awareness and a website about the GAPS diet.

Tuesday I learned about soaking whole grains to reap their nutritive benefits and the Oil Cleansing Method, which I am planning to try out starting tonight! (After all, my grad pictures have been taken, and the ceremony is not for three weeks, so if my face morphs into a shiny, smiling pimple there will hopefully be time for my old face soap to work its magic and straighten me out!)
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