Looking Out

Sitting in a skyscraper on my lunch break, I can’t help but feel separated from reality, floating 45 stories above the pulse of suits, panhandlers and tourists below.

skyscrapersWe’re leaving for Bathurst tomorrow, and I’m still processing a recent trip to Mistissini QC, and honestly I can’t wait to simply spend two weeks on the ground, with people who I can pray with and talk things through with and live in the moment with.

There will be challenges, of course. There always are. But I’ve been wrestling with a Jesus who keeps disassembling the boxes I build for him, and that is never easy. I know the Holy Spirit doesn’t need an elevator to be with me up here, yet I hear that still small voice clearer when I’m closer to Earth.

So let the rubber hit the road, and may God shield us and guide us as we answer his call to be his people.


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