Lent 2014

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-zOIqW9QNSQ8/T0VoEzTw_xI/AAAAAAAACDY/NHfvUMwbUoQ/s1600/Ash+Wednesday+Symbol.jpgLent almost snuck up on me this year, until I saw a notice for the United church’s pancake dinner the week before. I have only begun keeping Lent in the last few years, but I have always found it to be an excellent practice, good for me in many ways, so I am very happy that it didn’t slip by! In the past I have marked Lent by fasting from meat on Fridays and one year I read through the entire Bible over the course of Lent. This year I am taking a break from facebook (including Candy Crush, which is the real sacrifice), and less than a week in I have already seen some ripple effects.

The most immediate change is that I have spent less time overall on the computer. I didn’t see this coming, since facebook is far from my favourite way to spend time online. I thought that by avoiding facebook I’d be up to date on the blogs I follow, up to date on the blog posts I want to write, and all over the emails that I keep meaning to get to. Instead, I have been keeping busy with the real life busyness of marriage, work, parenting and ministry. I have written some emails, but I have also visited with family and friends in person, and that is great.

I have noticed that I miss being able to widely share updates and thoughts on a whim – an article that got me thinking, or a funny moment in my day. On the flip side, not being able to jump on facebook has been buffing some of the distraction out of my days; I can be more present in the moment.

This article was shared by a friend of mine shortly before Lent, and I thought it had some great suggestions on ways to mark this season – it’s not too late to make some changes that create space and/or remind you of this season to prepare for Easter.

Do you keep Lent? I’d love to hear your comments since I am deprived from getting likes on facebook 🙂


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Susan 10-03-2014, 14:44

As you know, observing lent has never been a big part of what we do in our home, but I do like to do something so that I’m aware that these days are not “like every other day.” It’s good for my soul to notice God’s goodness, grace and faithfulness by making a change in my normal routines. This year, as lame and 1st world as it is, I’ve chosen to give up computer games. There is still a chagrined look on my face as I type it, but I’ve noticed it’s already made a change in my days – and that’s a good thing. The way I spend my time is often a source of frustration for me; by eliminating computer games, other good things have more room. That has been good!


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