June Goals

It’s a new month! The weather today is outrageous, and Union Station flooded, which lengthened my commute home to an hour and a half. I got to spend some quality time with a co-worker though, and terrible weather outside emphasizes the coziness of our little home – something that can be easy to forget in sticky summer weather! 🙂

Here are my goals for the month:

    • {Spiritual} Pray daily. Use the prayer closet if the living room is too distracting! (This may or may not have been my downfall in May)
    • {Physical} Exercise 3 times a week.

This video has confirmed the end of me ever doing traditional sit-ups/crunches

      • {Food} Prepare at least one vegetarian meal each week – I want to expand my horizons! And the internet has SO many resources.
      • {Financial} Submit a claim for Matt’s chiropractor expenses so far this year, and keep up with claims for my massage therapy appointments.
      • {Financial} Finish our transition to primarily banking through ING (no fees!), so we can get back to paying down debt instead of keeping a huge float in both accounts because we’re not sure where payments will be taken from. Do you pay bank fees? Give ING a shot! And if you copy the numbers in the banner below, we can each get $25 just for you opening an account 🙂

  • {Other} I really want to learn Spanish and have a great learning resource but have not taken the time to study at all for many weeks. I’ll set my goal at doing an hour a week, which is setting the bar really low, and hopefully it will give me the thirst for more!
  • {Other} Brush Nimoy’s teeth. Our dog has gum disease I swear, but it’s not serious yet, so I want to nip it in the bud.


That should be plenty to keep me busy, not to mention all the unofficial goals and hopes and plans I have! The shallowest of all these unofficial goals is (because I’m in two weddings this summer) not to get any weird tan lines. I will wear sunscreen! And I will apply it evenly! No tye-dye sun swirls for me.

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