July Over and Out

With an unknown length of time before Matt and Esther get back from their two week mission trip, I decided it would be wise to attempt a blog post since this might help me get back in the swing of things for August.

Nimoy and I have been toughing out the heat, and we had a couple cool days this week to give us a break. Today is hot again, although nothing like last week. I managed pretty well since I ran the air conditioner and fan in my room at night, but now that Esther will be back, it seems fair to put the air conditioner in one room and fan in the other. We’ll see how that goes, lol.

The last two weeks of being home alone have flown by – it has been extremely busy at work, so I picked up some extra hours, spent time with friends and some of the youth who were left-behind also, did little things around the house (not as much as I expected!), trained Nimoy to jump over stuff, dabbled in (Christian) meditation a la Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline, and took a BIG LONG NAP yesterday to top it all off 😀

August will probably fly by – Esther is here for another week and a half, then Matt will have VBS soon afterwards, and we will be flying out west for Clayton’s wedding the day after VBS wraps up. Hopefully blogging will fit in there somewhere since it is a great way to keep track of where/how the time flies, and it is a good discipline for me to write. Especially since I won’t have any papers next semester! Being graduated still rocks.

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