It’s my Birthday!

I guess I should post something so the end of my NFP mini-series doesn’t sit there for weeks scaring off any strangers who wander by. I’m 24 years old today! It’s pretty good, especially since I spent the last few weeks (months?) feeling like/thinking I was 24 already. It’s embarrassing, as an adult, to have to correct yourself on the rare occasion someone asks your age.

It has been a laid-back birthday – I have the day off work and have been alternately taking it easy and catching up on chores after our two-night camping trip that ended yesterday (with a rain storm. Adventures!). Currently I am starving and about to get dinner started so we can hopefully clean up in time for some friends to come over for cake this evening. I am EXTREMELY hungry, which hits about 40 seconds after normal hungry, but I am resisting the urge to collapse and weep on the floor until Matt gets home because this weekend my doctor started me on a higher dose for my thyroid and it. is. magical. I cannot share a list of all the wonderful changes this new dose has wrought in my life, for many of them are very personal and this IS the internet. But the very most wonderful change is feeling like a human being and not a sock that someone played shoeless soccer in before it got run over by a bicycle. It turns out that pregnant ladies are supposed to feel slightly less fatigued in the second trimester, which I missed out on because I have no thyroid.

But I’m feeling better now! So much better! And even if I wasn’t, I have started to feel tiny baby kicks, which makes everything a million times worth it 😀 Apparently (source: the internet) in addition to drinking and breathing amniotic fluid, practising kung fu, and generally growing bigger and stronger, the Truck can hear my heartbeat and occasionally outside noises if they are loud enough. I have been blasting Backstreet Boys just in case 😉

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