Home Again

We are back! Back in Canada, unpacked, with the Christmas tree set up. We have great tans, tons of pictures, and a fresh impression of the little luxuries we take for granted, like flushing toilet paper down the toilet, reliable electricity and hot water, familiar brands on the shelves of stores we shop in, and the option to leave our dishes in the sink for the next day (very bad etiquette in the common kitchen of a hostel!).IMG_20141207_182227

Our family vacation to Nicaragua was everything we hoped for and more. We definitely faced some challenges, some scary moments and frustrations, but looking back in hindsight it was all part of a rich experience we wouldn’t trade, and we hope it won’t be too long before we have another opportunity to travel as a family and even to return to Nicaragua for another visit.

Over the next few weeks I’m planning to share a recap of our trip – I hope it will be interesting to read stories and see pictures from our travels, and I hope it will be a useful resource for fellow travelers, especially travelers with young children. Many people who we met in different hostels commented how exciting it was to meet a family backpacking across Nicaragua because it gave them hope that when they get married/have kids they won’t have to completely give up their love for travel.

If there’s anything in particular you want to hear about, or questions you want answered leave a comment! This whole blogging thing is so much more fun when it’s interactive 😛

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Susan 09-12-2014, 00:58

So glad you’re back in Canada! and so glad you had a good time! I want to hear about everything… maybe that isn’t so helpful, but it’s true – lol! I’m especially looking forward to photos. How is your Spanish? OK, I definitely want to hear about your meeting with Fabiola. I’ve been wondering about that all week.

Can’t wait for your next post…


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