We are safely back in Toronto and happy to be done flying with a baby! Torre did really well, and there were lots of babies on both our flights so I think everyone was pleasantly surprised overall with the minimal amount of crying/fussing that happened.

My computer is not uploading pictures right now, but hopefully I can sort that out soon and put up a few highlights from our trip soon! On the bright side, we returned to a much fancier looking building than the one we left (under construction) – a playground has been installed next to the building, and the landscaping has been gussied up with lots of shrubs, benches and lights – all making it much nicer to sit out on nights (like this one) where it is cooler outside than inside 🙂

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Ericka M 28-06-2013, 18:16

Oh, so you DO live in Toronto, a place I never care to live in again! I have to wonder why anyone would want to live there after having lived in a beautiful place like BC. But I suppose God may have called you there?Glad to hear that Torre took to flying very well. Is this the first time he has been on airplanes? I’ve been on 2 airplane rides in my life, but after 9-11, I don’t ever plan to travel that way again if I can help it.

alyssa 29-06-2013, 09:55

Yes, God has called us to live in Toronto at this time, and there are definitely good things about living here, although I don’t know if any city could compare to the West Coast for me!


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