Holy Week

I slipped behind on my Bible reading for the first time last week, but managed to catch up thanks to about an hour reading in our now-cleaned-out storage closet and not sleeping on my commute today. It’s weird that by this time next week I’ll be done, but that is also helping me push through so many chapters. At this point I don’t feel like I’m getting too much out of the readings, although I am highlighting passages that stand out to me, so that could pay off on a future read through.

I also realized on the weekend that since we made our prayer closet, ironically, I have really not been praying much. I’ve been reading and writing and thinking (busy busy busy), but I haven’t taken time to be still. I have felt the effects as I so much more easily get caught up in emotions or reactions instead of being steady and calm in my spirit. I read all of Jeremiah yesterday and today and there is such a huge contrast between Jeremiah and the people – they are swirling and panicked and clinging to every false promise of hope, while Jeremiah tells God’s message faithfully. It’s not easy for him – he gets depressed, people plot to kill him, he’s imprisoned, the city is besieged and bread runs out – but he is anchored by God.

At church yesterday, the priest talked about the emotional roller coaster ride that Holy Week goes through, and I feel that as Lent draws to a close it is very appropriate to step off the ride and be still with God, to let him be the anchor that keeps us on track whether we are ecstatically hopeful, terrified, heart broken, or amazed.

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