Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! It may not really be a day off this year (Torre doesn’t know what a stat holiday is), but I am very grateful to have this country as my home. I like our colourful money and the fact we put u’s in more words than Americans. I love our maternity leave and free health care, decent schools and relative lack of corruption. I enjoy that there is French on my cereal boxes. It may not be perfect, but Canada has certainly been a wonderful place to grow up and now to be raising a family in.

From sea to shining sea 🙂

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Ericka M 02-07-2013, 15:38

While I don’t want to spoil your happy and positive thoughts on what it means to be Canadian, I think this Canada we live in is definitely being corrupted, and anyone who does not promote homosexual marriages and legal prostitution should be downright angry at how corrupted this country has become! Even the States, as you compared Canada to, has not gone as far as Canada has in this way of corruption, though they are getting there. God’s wrath surely is upon Canada, as there is flooding in parts of Canada, now even in Alberta! Sure, this is not Saudi Arabia where women aren’t allowed to drive and no one is allowed to own a Bible, BUT, Christians are being sued by homosexuals, such as Scott Brockie who refused to print up homosexual material for someone and got sued! Linda Gibbons got jailed for peacefully protesting by abortion clinics. Oh yes, abortions have been legal for how long now? God must surely be angry at all this and how He can stand what’s happening in Canada another minute is beyond me.


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